A dairy talefrom the Arctic

Unique nature, jolly people

In the remotest regions of Scandinavia there lies a special place, known as Finland’s Savo region. On the surface, it seems like any other part of the far North: the winters are just as white, the summer nights just as light, and the short growing season just as intense. These are what make natural delicacies particularly rich and nutritious.

And what people! Their equivalent can be found nowhere else in the Arctic region. The people of the Savo region describe themselves as ‘lupsakka’, which means easy-going with a dash of playfulness. People know how to enjoy life in these remote parts, without posturing or rushing around.

Clean air, water and land

At the Maitomaa dairy in the heart of unspoilt Savo, we give natural flavours time to develop, just as we have been doing since 1915. Our butter is as delicious and our milk as fresh and healthy as they were when great grandma was just a girl. Arctic food is unique and full of flavour.

Thanks to our legendary ingenuity, we Savo folk also make new kinds of products, such as functional recovery drinks produced from genuine local milk. Contact us to find out more about our pure products made from Arctic milk!



Genuine Arctic
flavours since





EUR 53.6 mill.

in 2017


Every year, we make


litres of local milk
into great products

We live by quality and accountability

1. We cherish Savo’s livestock
Maitomaa participates in the Welfare Quality programme, a joint European method of measuring the welfare of livestock. The welfare of each and every cow on our farms is individually monitored.

2. Environmentally friendly
As an Arctic people, we have grown up surrounded by pastures, forests and lakes. That’s why we want to take nature into account in everything we do. For example, we are proud of our aluminium-free butter wrapping, which is particularly kind to the environment.

3. Compliant with standards
High quality is guaranteed at every stage of production by the quality (ISO 9001), environmental (ISO 14001) and food safety (FSSC 22000) standards that we follow.

4. No antibiotics
Our milk is antibiotic free. Antibiotics are only given to sick animals under a veterinarian’s orders. If a cow has been on antibiotics, her milk is tested on the farm to determine if there is any antibiotic residue. Just to be on the safe side, all our milk is tested numerous times before it enters the food chain.

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